Suzy Almblade is a watercolor artist based in Arizona. Art was a passion from the beginning but it wasn't until a college trip to Italy in 2010 that she discovered the joys of watercolor.

There was no other medium as delightful or curious. Perhaps it was the Italian food and scenery, but there was no question that watercolor had a unique edge acrylic and oils didn’t: the surprise. Unlike oils and acrylic which can be so easily manipulated, watercolor was special in that it had a mind of its own. Clouds done in wet on wet would form on paper and dry very differently. How exciting it was to be surprised at your own work after putting the paintbrush down!

Suzy has spent the following 11 years honing her craft and is currently a full-time artist. You can find her original work for sale at The House of Joy Gallery in Jerome, AZ.

Skillshare: https://www.skillshare.com/profile/Suzy-Paint-N-Simple/38538290 __ (live link below)

Gallery: ___416 Hull Ave, Jerome, AZ 86331____ (928) 239-9330

Small Originals for Sale: https://www.dailypaintworks.com/Artists/suzy-almblade-12181

Online Print Shop: https://www.artpal.com/SuzysArt