Suzy Almblade is a home grown creative born right here in the Arizona Valley in 1989. Art was a passion from the beginning but it wasn't until a college trip to Italy in 2010 that she discovered the joys of watercolor.

There was no other medium as delightful or curious. Perhaps it was the Italian food and scenery, but there was no question that watercolor had a unique edge acrylic and oils didn’t: the surprise. Unlike oils and acrylic which can be so easily manipulated, watercolor was special in that it had a mind of its own. Clouds done in wet on wet would form on paper and dry very different. How exciting it was to be surprised at your own work after putting the paintbrush down!

Suzy has spent the following years honing her craft while working odd jobs and illustrating books. Three years of working in the hospitality industry later, now debt free, she decided it was time to put her skills to the test at last and pursue her career as a full time artist.

Suzy is truly grateful for the support of her family and friends in making this leap of faith in using the passion God gave her. Almost a year has passed and waking up every day to paint is truly like a gift at Christmas an exciting adventure and bright future to look forward to!